Our aim is to give the aspirants an idea of what life at the corporate world is really like. The program provides you with sound knowledge on technology and invaluable application skills in IT and Management.

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Charges: Rs 5,000 for 1 month internship, for other durations apply and we will contact you.


What’s an internship at GRID?

We develop and manage a full range of PC-based tools and embedded software stacks. Our software is innovative and affordable, allowing more engineers to develop projects. Our consulting services include prototyping and customized software and hardware developments. With our long experience and track record meeting clients' needs, your project is in great hands with us.


Creating value for GRID Application process our clients

Our interns are an integral part of GRID, and their work adds real value to our business. The interns are organized into project groups and each group is responsible for completing their project. Below are some examples of intern work carried out in the past:

  • Identified challenges related to migration and integration of Cloud service providers.
  • Ready platform for development of Apps for iPhone and Android, iOS.
  • Investigated the possibility of increased use of environment-friendly transport for a distributor.

Practical learning & skills development

In addition to the tangible contributions to our projects, our interns also benefit from hands-on experience, gaining valuable skills in project management, client relations, and technical expertise in their field of study.

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Internship Program

Interns are encouraged to explore new ideas and collaborate across teams. We provide continuous mentorship and training to ensure that each intern has the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally during their time with us.